Early Bird Special
(Mon-Fri. Enter 6am-10am and exit by 8pm)

Evening Rate

(Enter after 5 pm, Exit before Midnight) 


Up to 1 Hour $13.59
Up to 10 pm

24 Hours

Rates Repeat after 24 Hours


Event Rate

Note: Event Rate is only in effect several times each year:

Examples:  Graduation Date, Major Concerts, Municipal Exams

It is typically not in effect for Nets or Islanders or most other concerts and events at Barclays.



*Oversized vehicles and minivans pay an additional $9.06 (Full Size add $13.59).

Large Trucks over 20' long or over 7' tall, additional $36.24

Add 10.375% sales tax to all above rates


MONTHLY RATES (Must pay in Advance and sign contract)*

Regular Size Cars & SUVs


(new customers only)

 (not including Full Size)


Rear Main Floor

Self Park Reserved Space

(Park and Lock)


Commercial Trucks

more than 7 feet tall or 20 feet long

Call Office

 Motorcycles  $181.20

*Add 10.375% sales tax to above rates

To sign up for monthly parking, just go to the garage at any time, sign the contract and make your first payment.

You may call the office at (516) 626-7412 with any questions.